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                Wood Baking Molds

                 1. Manufacturer
                2. Material: Poplar
                3. Wood Cake Moulds
                4. Hundred of ready-molds
                5. Disposible & Biodegradable

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                 LFP-BM-001 Wood Cake Moulds, Wooden Baking Molds, Wooden Baking Moud


                Our poplar wooden baking molds are unique & biodegradable. Our wooden baking molds offer you the option of baking and serving your culinary creations in one beautiful piece. While offering a rustic style and charm, these baking molds are perfect for sweet and savory recipes. Our wooden baking molds are 100% natural and sewn with natural fiber. Can be baked in up to 440F/220C they come with silicone paper liners, each one with just the right size. Our wooden baking molds are 100% natural and biodegradable.





                Wooden Baking Mold with siliconed paper




                Poplar wood

                Wood mold Size:




                Natural color


                Baking Mold, Freezing, thermic oven, microwave


                Packing details:

                300sets/ctn Carton size: 56x39x54cm

                Temperature : from - 40°C to + 240 °C  ;  100 % Biodegradable


                Wood Baking Mold

                -Material: Poplar

                -Application: Bakery

                -Freezing, thermic oven, microwave

                -Temperature from - 40°C to + 240 °C

                - 100 % Biodegradable

                -With or without silicone paper

                -Color for silicone paper: White, Brown, Black

                - Natural and sewn with natural fiber, No Glue.

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